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Is Weed Good For Sex? How Legal Cannabis Can Improve Your Sex Life - Green Treez Company

Is Weed Good For Sex? How Legal Cannabis Can Improve Your Sex Life

Have you experimented with CBD or THC during intimacy? Perhaps you are curious before going for it yourself. Maybe, you're seeking cannabis products purposely designed to enhance your sex life. My friends, you are in the right place. Firstly, cannabis will always have different effects on different individuals. In general, cannabis has been clinically shown to improve factors conducive to positive sexual experiences. Plus, we do have some great offerings when it comes to arousing THC/CBD products!

First, we can summarize the conclusion of various clinical studies:

Cannabis has been identified to have sexually stimulating effects and can intensify sexual experiences. "The cannabinoid profile in cannabis influences sexual functioning and satisfaction, yet too much tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) may cause more inhibiting effects" - (view study). This study seems to indicate a positive range of effects for both men and women, however there does seem to be negative effects due to overconsumption, particularly for men. Therefore, it is important to keep dosage in mind, plus keep a healthy balance in your life.

These are sexual enhancing, legal cannabis products available online. Ranging from edibles with or without THC, to topical lubricants and insertables. Also, there are many cannabis strains containing specific terpenes which increase libido. No matter which you choose, mind your dosage and have sex responsibly.



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