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Pet Products

Bacon Flavored Oil for Dogs 1000mg CBD

Bacon Flavored Oil for Dogs 1000mg CBD

Dogs Hard Chews Peanut Butter Treats CBD 300mg

Dogs Hard Chews Peanut Butter Treats CBD 300mg

Dog Treats Stress And Anxiety CBD 450mg

Dog Treats Stress And Anxiety CBD 450mg

Pet Spray Oil CBD 500mg

Pet Spray Oil CBD 500mg

Cat's Oil Tincture Tuna Flavor 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD

Cat's Oil Tincture Tuna Flavor 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD

Horse and Large Dogs Oil 6000mg Full Spectrum CBD

Horse and Large Dogs Oil 6000mg Full Spectrum CBD

Horse Relief Pellets 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD

Horse Relief Pellets 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD

Frequently asked pet products questions

Where can you buy cannabis pet products legally?

Green Treez Company Dispensary is the number one stop to buy pet products online legally. Your shopping experience is of the highest caliber, and so are the products available: Sourced from trusted national and local brands with the consumer's experience in mind. 3rd party testing, proper labeling, and 100% legal product shipped right to your door!

How will CBD make my pet feel?

CBD for pets generally does not bring a head change, but the dosage is very important. Our legal cannabis products for pets display the serving size based on your pet's weight. What kind of CBD product are you looking for? Is it for pain relief, anxiety, or something else? Each pet product may work differently. In general, they are fast acting, easy to apply and include in a daily regimen, and effective in circumstantial relief. Green Treez Company Dispensary sells many CBD Pet products online and offers shipping.

What are the best cannabis CBD pet products to buy online?

If you are shopping online for cannabis pet products, Green Treez Company Dispensary is the Online Store for you! Shop CBD Wellness and Legal THC products for various symptoms, relief, and view our wide inventory that can be sorted by feeling/effects. We sell effective, easy, and safe Pet Products from many brands! All products are third-party tested with a viewable lab report so you know exactly what’s in your pet's products.

Can you buy cannabis CBD topicals online in the US?

We ship legal cannabis products all over the U.S. Federally Legal Delta 9 THC products from Green Treez Company Dispensary contain less than .3% Delta 9 THC on a dry weight basis.

Can I buy THC online?

You can buy Cannabis and Legal THC products online from Green Treez Company Dispensary. All products contain the legal limit of .3% hemp-derived Delta 9 THC on a dry weight basis. Products can be ordered and shipped to your door!

What is Broad Spectrum vs Full Spectrum CBD?

Broad Spectrum Products contain CBD and minor cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, etc.) without any THC. 

Full Spectrum products contain the legal limit of Delta 9 THC at <.3%.

How long will my order take?

All orders will be shipped within 3-4 business days from the date when order is placed. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours. If there will be a significant delay in shipment of your order, we will contact you via email or telephone.

How can I tell if CBD is helping my pet?

Observing your pet's behavior closely after administering the dosage is the best method for seeing if their symptoms seem to be improving or not. Depending on the condition your pet has, symptom relief may happen in as soon as 30 minutes or take up to a few weeks of consistent use.

Learn more about Green Treez Company Cannabis Dispensary CBD pet products for sale

Have you ever ordered or tried CBD products for your dog or cat? We present a huge selection of quality cannabis pet products for relief and wellness. Cannabis products for pets are an extremely popular way to increase the quality of life for your animal! We sell a lot of pet products for anxiety, pain, and sleep.

CBD Pet Products are available in different forms: Edibles like treats, Oil Tinctures, and other kinds like sprays, etc. Pet CBD products are used for a variety of applications:

  • Pain Relief
  • Anxiety
  • Specific Application (Immune Support, Healthy Joints, etc.)

Buy Cannabis Wellness CBD products and Legal THC at Green Treez Company. Order online and have it shipped to your door! You can also pickup at one of our dispensary locations in Tennessee.

Can you buy CBD for dogs and cats online legally?

Yes! We ship TO MOST states in the U.S.! All products are hemp-derived, and contain less than .3% Delta 9 THC by dry weight basis, the Federal legal limit per the 2018 Farm Bill. We curate the highest quality, potent, and safe products. All products at Green Treez Company Dispensary are 3rd party tested and come with a QR code that links you to the Certificates of Analysis. This is a report conducted by an ISO or DEA certified lab which contains information including cannabinoid concentration, ingredients, and more.

Types of pet products

All of our pet products are premium products sourced from trusted and consistent local and national brands. What is your goal when finding cannabis for your pet? Is it for pain of a certain kind? Anxiety for certain situations or long term relief? There may be some products that will work better for them than another.

How to enjoy legal cannabis: CBD for pets

CBD Pet Products are a staple in many cannabis user's daily life. They can be a lifesaver for animals dealing with pain of various kinds. They are extremely easy to add to their daily wellness regimen. You can find a wide selection of legal cannabis CBD pet products at Green Treez Company Dispensary! What are you trying relieve? We have quality CBD products for dogs, cats, and more animals. Our legal cannabis CBD pet products for sale are strong, safe, and affordable!

Why cannabis pet products are so popular

Our inventory of pet CBD products is vast. They are effective, potent, legal, and safe. Pet Products are an effective option because they are easy to administer and offer various types of relief to your pet in need. They are effective, safe, and legal. What are you trying to relieve? How are you trying to feel? You can shop legal cannabis by feeling and effects:

Calm | Creative | Energetic | Focused | Inspired
Happy | Sleepy | Relaxed | Pain Relief

Why order pet products at Green Treez Company

Green Treez Company Dispensary offers possibly the largest selection of Cannabis Wellness CBD for Pets for sale that are tested for quality and potency. Our inventory is curated with the consumers' best interests in mind. Legal, Effective, Relieving, and Safe. We offer several ways to ingest cannabis for various symptoms and feelings/effects. You can shop our library of potent products that are legal, and ship right to your door!

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