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Legal Cannabis Flower | High THCa, Strain Types, FAQs - Green Treez Company

Legal Cannabis Flower | High THCa, Strain Types, FAQs

Green Treez Company Dispensary in West Nashville is the #1 source for legal cannabis products including highly potent THCa Flower. The inventory is wide with varying strains and effects. As a beginner this may seem overwhelming, so we want to educate and comfort you as you ease your way into the legal cannabis market - if you so choose. Perhaps, you are an experienced user and want to understand the scientific behind your favorite strains. The following guide is perfect for anyone! 

There are 3 main strain types of legal THCa Flower available:

  • Sativa- known for their energizing, creative euphoria. Generally more suitable for during the day.
  • Indica- are notorious for providing an all-over body relaxation. Generally more suitable for evening/night.
  • Hybrid- shares characteristics of both Sativa and Indica. Effects lie somewhere in between the two.

Different strains of cannabis are given their classification based on scientific factors,  calculated by experienced growers and breeders. Consumers should focus on terpenes and terpene profiles of various strains. Terpenes are found naturally in the cannabis plant similarly to cannabinoids. Terpenes are responsible for characteristics like aroma, taste, and defined effects.

Some popular terpenes are:

Caryophyllene- Spicy, peppery taste that may offer anti-inflammatory benefits.

Limonene- Citrus-scented, commonly believed to provide anxiety and stress relief.

Myrcene- Earthy; The most common terpene found in cannabis

Pinene- Pine-scented, also found in rosemary and many other herbs.

Humulene- Herbal flavor; may offer anti-inflammatory benefits.

Terpinolene- Herbal, floral terpene that is also found in apples, lilacs, and nutmeg.

Green Treez Company Dispensary in West Nashville showcases each strain's dominant terpenes. This allows you to match the terpenes you like with other strains with a similar profile. Shop Legal THCa Flower Online or in store at Green Treez Company! Visit us: 850 Hillwood Blvd Ste 7 Nashville, TN 37209

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