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Military Veterans Discount | Online THC Dispensary - Green Treez Company

Military Veterans Discount | Online THC Dispensary

Green Treez Company Dispensary offers a Military Veterans Discount! Whether you shop online or in-store, you can redeem 5% off your entire order. We are grateful for all the Heros who have served or are serving in our military. If you are a veteran, please verify your identity so we can issue your discount! Thank you for your service!

Redeeming Your Veteran's Discount in Store-

When you visit Green Treez Company Dispensary in Nashville, TN, be sure to mention you are a veteran! One of our budtenders will check your validity by way of Identification, and proceed to apply 5% off your order.

850 Hillwood Blvd Ste 7 Nashville TN

1208 W Main Street Hendersonville TN

Click to view legal THC Dispensaries in Nashville!

Redeeming Your Veteran's Discount Online- 

Ordering legal cannabis online as a veteran? Be sure to choose to redeem your Military Veteran's Discount! Verify your identity with GovxID, located in your cart or on the Military Veteran's Discount page.

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