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Legal Cannabis THC Vapes Guide - Green Treez Company

Legal Cannabis THC Vapes Guide

Have you ever used a THC Vape before? Vaping is one of many methods of ingestion when it comes to legal cannabis for medicinal or recreational use. Vapes have the fastest onset of effects compared to other product types.

There are an abundance of options available. Some offerings may be more effective for certain kinds of relief over others. For example, Sativa options are generally better for the daytime while Indicas are better at night. Hybrids share qualities of both. Click for more strain type information.

There are a variety of brands which may have a better reaction with your body chemistry than another. You also have the choice of a disposable vape vs. cartridges. The disposable vapes are ready to go out of the box, while cartridges require a separately sold battery to operate.

Find THC vapes, disposables, cartridges, and batteries at Green Treez Company Dispensary in Nashville, TN. You can also shop online! (Note: vape products are illegal to ship at this time.)

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