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What is The Best Cannabis Product Type for You?

Cannabis has been used to offer relief and wellness for years! Today, you can find legal cannabis products available for purchase online. Ranging in use and application, serving sizes, cannabinoid content, but most of all- method of ingestion. You don't have to smoke cannabis in order to find relief. Did you know that "weed" can also be used in topical products like bath bombs and sexual lubricants? Maybe you've heard of edibles before, if you have tried them you know that its effects have different characteristics than other delivery methods.

Cannabis Product Types

What is the best method of ingesting cannabis? Ultimately, this is your choice. However, there may be a more practical use of one over another depending on your desired results. Before you read the following, ask yourself these 2 questions: What am I trying to relieve? Am I more comfortable with one delivery method over another?



Flower is cannabis in its raw form. The most common way to use it is by combustion. You may also find Flower Pre-Rolls.

The method of inhaling is appealing to some, and some not so much. This is likely due to the likelihood of its contents containing THC, which will provide a euphoric headspace. CBD dominant flower is also available, providing relief, and all other similar effects minus the change of your headspace.

With the inhalation delivery method, effects seem to activate almost immediately while lasting for a few hours. The benefits of flower products are the wholesome qualities: It preserves all of the natural terpenes, provides fully encapsulating body and mind effects, plus an inherently "traditional" aspect.



Edibles are extremely popular due to the simple fact that everybody can eat, while not everyone can smoke. You can find edibles of so many kinds: Brownies, Cookies, Cereal Bars, Chocolate, Gummies, Honey, Syrup, Drinks, Chips, and more! All of these products will feel different depending on its legal cannabis contents, terpenes and formulated effects, and the brands/manufacturers.

Edibles usually take the longest to activate. An average gummy will likely take 45-90 minutes to activate. It is important to note that not all edibles are the same, and products like drinks and syrups are faster acting as they are not digested the same way a solid gummy or baked treat would. Edibles tend to last a very long time: several hours.

Dosage is extremely potent in all aspects of consuming cannabis, however this point is spotlighted when it comes to edibles. Because it takes time to feel the effects, it is very easy to take too much too soon. I am sure you have heard of an edible horror story where someone decided to have "another one" before sufficient time has passed. The best way to have an edible is to mind the serving size and start slow.



Vape products are becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience and discretion while offering almost immediate relief and effects. There are so many options when it comes to vape products! You can find legal cannabis disposable vapes and vape cartridges for sale online. Disposable vapes come ready to go out of the box, while vape cartridges require a 510 thread battery to operate.

Vape, similar to flower products, offer almost immediate effects. Some vapes are more heady, some offer heavier body effects, and each vape product is different in their own way. However, the tradeoff with the vape is the duration of effects which is significantly shorter than the pre mentioned delivery methods. Vape products seem to have effects that wear off after an hour or so.


Oils and Tinctures

I'm sure you have heard of CBD Oil before. The delivery method of putting oil under your tongue to ingest through saliva glands is called "sublingual". This is important because it makes the product act differently than an edible product would. Oil is best used daily which allows for the cannabinoids to form a baseline in your system, offering a longer term of relief. It is very common for CBD in oil form to be used for long term pain relief or calming effects. On the other hand, Legal THC Oil tinctures are enjoyed due to its faster onset and long duration.



It may seem obvious, but topical products are used on your skin and not ingested. There are many types of topicals ranging from pain relief and healing, skincare, or a specific purpose like intimate lubricant. Topicals work best in situations where you need to target a specific area on your body. A very common example is a strained muscle, arthritis, or any other ailment that is specific to one area. If you believe that a full body experience would serve your symptoms better, topicals may not be the route for you. Otherwise, you cannot do much better than a topical that is specifically formulated for your type of ailment.



Cannabis Concentrates encompass Wax, Dabs, Live Resin, Rosin, Diamonds, Crumble, and more! Concentrates are enjoyed by connoisseurs because the product preserves the natural terpenes of the strain, offers very smooth inhalation, and is extremely potent. You may think of Concentrates as similar to vapes and flower products in their immediate onset. With a variety of concentrate types from many cannabis strains, legal cannabis concentrates have become increasingly popular and loved by many.

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