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What is Live Resin? Your Guide to Legal Cannabis Live Resin Products - Green Treez Company

What is Live Resin? Your Guide to Legal Cannabis Live Resin Products

Perhaps you have seen or heard of "Live Resin". This term has become increasingly popular in Legal THC Products like vape cartridges, disposable vapes, edibles, and in the form of a pure concentrate. What makes these products different or "special" is that Live Resin is extracted cannabis plant material including terpenes. This results in a highly potent product that preserves the taste, effects, and consistency that cannabis connoisseurs (Cannasseurs) love!


First, it is very important as a cannabis user to understand inherent differences between similar products on the market. A vape from Brand A with the exact same ingredients and strain will feel different than a vape from Brand B. This is because it is one brand's formulation versus another. This complicates further when you realize that everyone has their own body chemistry, meaning your buddy may not feel the same effects you do from the same product at the same dosage.

Live Resin Cannabis Terpenes Vs. Botanical (Added) Terpenes

Let's compare two fantastic products:

- Cereal Milk Live Resin THC Disposable by Delta Extrax 

- Honey Kush Disposable THC by Honeyroot Wellness


These are both great products that are sold regularly at Green Treez Company Dispensary. Let's ignore the obvious differences like cannabinoid content and device capacity, and focus solely on the factors live resin affects. This includes: like taste, smoothness of pull, and strain specific effects. There are some inherent differences:

  • Taste- Live Resin preserves the strain's taste, including the slight earthy taste. This may account for why one vape tastes like your smoking flower (live resin), and one tastes very sweet (added terpenes). The Cereal Milk Live Resin Vape will have a very similar taste to the Cereal Milk Flower. The Honey Kush Vape with added terpenes is likely to have a sweeter taste.
  • Smoothness- Generally, Live Resin products produce a smooth and natural inhaling experience. Added terpenes may tend to bring a harsher feeling for the throat. This varies extremely due to many factors like brand, purity, and presence of alternate cannabinoids (THCp, THCx, etc.). Honeyroot Wellness' Honey Kush Disposable shines as a very smooth vape product! That is why it is important to understand that you cannot make a blanket statement about how these products will feel.
  • Strain Specific Effects- While cannabinoids have different effects, Terpenes are what is responsible for driving your experience one way or the other. Live Resin Terpenes will drive the experience most similarly to the strain the terpenes were derived from. Generally, added terpenes lack that part of the experience, and therefore offer more flavor than feeling. Again, the Cereal Milk Live Resin Vape will share very similar effects to Cereal Milk Flower.


If you have not tried Live Resin before, why not? Essentially, it preserves a lot of the same components that make natural flower so appealing. Expect enhanced effects, taste, and more. You can find Live Resin, and other amazing legal THC and CBD wellness products at Green Treez Company Comfort and Cannabis™ Dispensary! Visit one of our locations in Nashville, Tennessee! Order legal cannabis from our online store and have it shipped to your door!

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