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Cannabis and Exercise: Can CBD and THC Improve Your Workouts? - Green Treez Company

Cannabis and Exercise: Can CBD and THC Improve Your Workouts?

Have you ever thought about cannabis relief and wellness in the setting of physical activity? Perhaps you have used some fantastic CBD wellness and/or Legal THC products for recovery after a strenuous workout. How about during the workout? Are there products that enhance athletic ability and improve exercise? It's time to outline how cannabis use can effect your fitness venture.


First things first, it is not advised to consume cannabis and engage in many activities. Consult your physician before use. Contents are for educational purposes only.

Options and Variables

It is important to keep your personal goals in mind and understand which product is best for you. Not all cannabis is the same. There are a few characteristics of the product that should be taken into consideration:

Product Type

Do you know how many ways you can use/ingest cannabis? You can eat it, drink it, smoke it, vape it, use it in an oil, cream, and much more! Finding the right product type for yourself is important, and it will inherently affect physical activity differently. Example: CBD Oil vs CBD Gummy. Imagine both the Oil and Gummy have no THC, only CBD. Because the oil is a sublingual application, it has a different onset than CBD in a digestible form. In general, the gummy will probably feel heavier and less motivating than the oil will.

Cannabinoid Content

Do you know the difference between THC and CBD? The main thing to note is that THC will bring a euphoric head change while CBD does not.

Products with CBD are reported to possess analgesic (pain relieving) properties. It may help alleviate pain and inflammation, potentially allowing individuals to engage in exercise with reduced discomfort.

Products with Legal THC may induce muscle relaxation and reduce muscle spasms. This effect might be beneficial for individuals engaging in activities that require muscle flexibility and tension relief.

Cannabis During the Workout

If you are ingesting cannabis, you may certainly find the workout more enjoyable! You can get into your zone, enjoy music on a different level, and make exercise feel like less of a chore. When approaching the topic from this angle, you can easily see how someone may say that cannabis makes their workouts "better". You may make the argument that no matter what the activity may be: lifting weights, running, sports, etc. We tend to invest more into things we enjoy. Many people may find cannabis makes their workouts more enjoyable, and therefore easier to dedicate the time into.

Have you ever heard of a "Runner's High"? Perhaps you have experienced this release of endorphins during physical activities before. Based on a recent study in Boulder University of Colorado, it was found that our bodies naturally release endogenous cannabinoids in our brains, and that is what is responsible for such feeling, not the endorphins. These chemicals naturally produced in our bodies make us feel euphoric and alert! This natural response from our body to long distance running, heavy weights, or anything physically demanding may be enhanced by CBD and THC. Studies do not show that you will jump higher, run faster, or lift heavier, however it does seem clear that for some people cannabis can improve physical activity on a psychological level.

Your alarm goes off in the morning as your muscles ache and all you want to do is sleep a little bit longer. THC may help you with this mental struggle: THC binds to receptors that can assist in “regulating pain perception and immune responses,” leading to the cannabinoid system reducing the everyday soreness in your body. Using cannabis prior to your workout may mitigate the pain that would otherwise keep you from maximizing your workout time.

Post Workout

Cannabis is known for its anti inflammatory properties. This plays a part in your recovery process as it can limit the soreness you feel. While soreness may be an indication of a job well done, it may also limit you from returning back to physical activity. There is certainly a role for cannabis in the frame of recovery.


If you are someone who is lacking motivation, struggling with soreness and recovery, or looking to spice up your workout routine, you may find that cannabis will fit into your fitness regimen. That said, safety must be a priority. It goes without saying that you should start with less and increase dosage over time as you find the proper amount for your needs. Search and find the perfect product for you, and adjust dosage accordingly.



Cannabis research is still limited to an extent, and its effects in relation to fitness are not fully tested. While it may not give you the strength to lift a car or jump over the moon, it may help you find the ideal headspace and limit soreness! Explore a wide selection of CBD wellness and Legal THC products of various product types. Shop legal cannabis products online and have them shipped to your door!

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