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Turbo Diesel Soda Delta 8 THC 107mg

Dr. Dank

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Delta 8

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    • Nutritional Information

      Servings per container - 1

      Calories per serving - 227

      Total Fat - 0g

      Sodium - 267mg

      Total Carbohydrate - 56g

         Dietary Fiber - 0g

         Total Sugars - 52g

      Protein - 0g 

  • Ingredient List

    Delta-8 Nano Emulsion

    High fructose corn syrup


    Citric acid

    Sodium Citrate


    Sodium Benzoate




    Calcium Pantothenate

    Pyridoxne Hydrochloride

    Vitamin B12

    Caramel Color

    FD&C Yellow #5 & Yellow #6

    Sour Diesel Terpines

    Natural and Artifical Flavors

Edible products should be dosed with caution. Advise serving sizes and refrain from adding more edibles until several hours have passed. Effects may take up to 4 hours to appear. "One is fun, Two is done".

Delta 8

Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol is an isomer of Delta 9 THC. It has very similar characteristics and effects as Delta 9. Consumers report that Delta 8 does not trigger anxiety or paranoia.

General questions

What is the best product?

The best product is different from one person to another. Someone who likes something relaxing, like an Indica strain would not like an uplifting, sativa strain.

What is the strongest product?

Each product has different recommended dosages, and you can increase dosage as needed. When shopping, it is smarter to look for product based on desired effect rather than potency.

How can I verify the authenticity of this product?

You can find a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on the last slide of the product’s pictures.

Edible questions

How do I have the best edible experience?

Set the stage for yourself and have a plan for what you will be doing when the edible activates. If your plan is to relax, maybe you set up a movie and sit/lay down. Ultimately, you do not want to be in a setting where you are uncomfortable.

How long does it take for an edible to take effect?

Most edibles take about an hour or so to metabolize. Everyone will metabolize at their own rate, and there are factors like previous food in stomach which can increase the time until effects are felt. Some edibles like drinks, syrup, and hard candy aren’t metabolized the same way, and take less time.

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