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Forbidden Fruit Clarity Blend Da Vinci's Artisan Disposable 2g

Mellow Fellow

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Ingredients: Delta-8, HHC, CBD, CBG, THCv, Cannabis derived Forbidden Fruit Terpenes.

Size: 2ML = 2,000mg = 2 Full Grams of Oil (Double the Size of a Regular)

High on energy and low on anxiety, mouth-watering flavor, the highest-quality extract on the market. Mellow Fellow’s NEW Da Vinci’s Clarity Blend fuses Forbidden Fruit Cannabis Terpenes, Delta-8, HHC, CBD, CBG & THCv to bring a connoisseur vaping experience that is perfect for your active lifestyle.

We recommend charging any device before using it. It is not rare that a device could be dead, or half its power by the time it leaves the factory and gets in your hands. It's possible that a clog in the device is causing an issue. The easiest way to solve this issue is to blow hard into the bottom of the vape where the charging port is located. Clogging can be prevented by proper storage in a cool, dry place and taking shorter puffs.

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